Usability Engineering

Usability engineering is used to determine to what degree a product or prototype will be user-friendly. It often pertains to the field of software development. Read on to learn more about this field

Usability engineering requires a firm knowledge of computer science and psychology and approaches product development based on customer feedback. A usability engineer works hand-in-hand with customers, working to develop a better understanding of the functionality and design requirements of a product in order to build more reliable data for it. According to Sun Usability Labs, six general attributes define usability:

Usability Design & Consulting

Our usability services include all forms of usability design, prototyping, evaluation and testing. Experienced usability experts work with you to assess the ease of use of your Web sites and applications based on common usability standards and best practices

Usability consulting services don’t have to be confusing or difficult to price. For start-ups and small businesses there are two types of standard usability consulting audits. In addition, for large company or complex web sites I offer customized usability consulting engagements priced based on the number of pages reviewed and the depth of detail you need.

  • Information Architecture and Consulting
  • Use Research and Task Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Expert Evaluation

Client Success

The client, a chocolate manufacturer in North America with more than 80 brands around the world and $7.4 billion in annual revenues, needed a customer-friendly booking UI to improve their booking ratio. Other challenges included: the need to sell ancillary services, better website navigation and a pricing and availability option. We provided an optimized reservation path designed to display the available properties; highly functional, aesthetic booking interface with one click access to price and availability; and a user interface designed to promote client experience and values.

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