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Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing has shifted from simply detecting and preventing defects in software, to protecting the corporate image and is integral to the overall corporate strategy. As demands and expectations raise for greater efficiency and better user experience, you need solutions such as automation, adoption of agile, DevOps and Cloud practices to improve time-to-market and optimize cost of various offerings.

Solutions & Services

Recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Solution Testing Providers” for CIO Magazine in 2015 and leveraging 25 years of experience, Bacelor provides specialized, automated and core testing services, resulting in reduced costs and accelerated time-to-market.

Bacelor’s Testing Services include:

Increasing Speed and Quality

The continuous demand for new and improved IT solutions by end-users and customers at an ever-increasing speed has forced enterprises to embrace Agile, and DevOps (Development and Operations) methodology.

  • Maximizing the automation level of required quality validation checks
  • Automatic optimization of test sets and quality checks
  • One-click provisioning of virtualized test environment and test data solutions
  • Integrating DevOps quality approach and DevOps quality engineers in your DevOps teams
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring solutions

Bacelor’s Solution

Bacelor builds automated regression test suites using a mature and proven automated test frameworks and reusable code that includes: Automation Framework Simple and easy to maintain structure and template to build the code for test automation Integration with Continuous Integration Platforms Easy integration with continuous integration platforms, such as Jenkins Reusable Libraries Bacelor has developed code for commonly encountered actions and validation functions, reducing the effort it takes to develop test automation for any application Summarization and Publication of Results Automatic aggregation of test results and automatic publishing through dashboards and reports


  • Efficient, consistent, and fast
  • Easy to build and maintain
  • Cost Optimization
  • Cross Platform for Web and Mobile

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