Customer Support

In our 24/7 global world, having a multifaceted approach to integrated customer support operations leads to increased customer support staff productivity and reduced costs. The ultimate outcome is increased return on investment, solid customer interactions, satisfaction and brand loyalty. Bacelor helps clients optimize their Customer Support Operations by leveraging the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies - starting with a transition to the cloud - to create a multichannel, community-based, knowledge-enabled customer support solution. With 20 years expertise and over 100 completed CRM project implementations, Bacelor has the knowledge and resources to transform and modernize your company's customer support operations, delivering a rewarding customer experience.


With Bacelor, clients receive a multifaceted approach to a company's customer support operations that include the following areas:

Cloud-Based Customer Support

Cloud computing has become the new methodology used by businesses of all sizes to cut costs and make operations more efficient.

These systems were originally designed to ramp up collaboration and efficiency within the office environment, whether that office was a real building or a virtual one. More recently, companies have been tuning into the advantages of using cloud technology to enhance their customer service as well, and the results have been highly satisfying for many businesses today.

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