Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing is seamlessly making a large transformation globally to user, developer, enterprise communities in their whole experience of information access, application design/develop/implement, administer/manage costs and infrastructure. The benefits of cloud computing are widely accepted and enterprises are moving fast to experience the transformation. Optimizing cloud technologies can increase platform efficiencies, operational flexibility, and business scalability with the potential to elevate businesses to the next level. Cloud Accelerators, for example, work in conjunction with traditional CDN (Content Delivery Network) to get content to users as quickly as possible. Cloud permits standardization of technology, simplification of software licenses, automated SDLC-right from infrastructure to coding and managing and provides open source adoption opportunity. These features lower the ownership cost and work on an Opex-based pricing model which is flexible and leads to a very cost-effective IT investment impacting the top and bottom lines of businesses, making them agile & efficient.

Bacelor Solutions

Bacelor’s Cloud services include feasibility analysis, platform recommendation, implementation, and managed services.

As a part of cloud migration, Bacelor deploys best-of-breed and industry proven Saas applications from leaders such as Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Cloud Transition

Businesses are seeking a low-risk transition to cloud by means of Infrastructure, Platforms and Applications. Their IT leadership teams are challenged with the following questions:

  • Can a Cloud-based solution scale with my user growth?
  • When should we use an on-premise vs. hosted model vs. hybrid model?
  • How do we drive the balancing act of feature richness vs. minimum customizations?
  • How should we facilitate the migration of our applications and data to the new system?
  • What is the new cost model? What are the savings?

Bacelor's Solution

Bacelor leverages its pre-built Cloud transition blueprint to guide IT and business unit executives in developing a cloud transition plan that best meets the needs of the business. Our solution includes:

  • Assessment of business needs
  • Risk identification and mitigation plan
  • Selection of systems and applications that are suited for cloud
  • Systems security needs once these are in cloud
  • Application Integration needs: data and business processes
  • Application & data migration approach
  • Private hosting vs. multi-tenant public cloud
  • Total cost of ownership: implementation and 24 x 7 Managed services
  • Cloud enablement roadmap and strategy

Client Success

A US based large interior decorator company wanted to improve the overall customer experience by becoming a virtual partner hub with customer portals. Within several weeks, Bacelor delivered a business architecture and Cloud transition blueprint. Specifically, Bacelor proposed based technology solutions to enable several hundreds of partners and customers' connectivity, thereby assisting with building the whole ecosystem.


With Bacelor’s Cloud Solutions, our clients achieve:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Increased performance, scalability, and security
  • Seamless transition with minimal risk and interruption to business

Why Bacelor

  • Enterprise practice with several pre-built accelerators to keep customizations and related costs to the minimum
  • Strong Cloud to on-premise systems integration experience in the sales and customer support business functions
  • Total cost of ownership focus through global delivery models

Why Bacelor