Application Development and System Integration

Interdisciplinary approach with a global application development and delivery environment that encourages team members to share ideas and best practices. You get the right global team, assured usability, consistent quality – and sharply reduced development time.

Our approach helps you:

ADM Capabilities

Our ADM services are underpinned by ShARP, a global, collaborative platform and governance model that ensures we produce applications that enable business growth and are easier to maintain and adapt


Proactive Monitoring Services

Directors of Operations/Applications in charge of mission critical applications at medium and large organizations must take steps to increase application availability by reducing user interruptions and increasing overall system stability. They must ensure application performance and correct glitches before the critical stage of development.

Bacelor’s Solution

Bacelor’s proactive monitoring services deliver:

  • 24x7 alert and dashboard monitoring
  • Automated performance and system alerts
  • Smoke testing post code deployment
  • Identification and resolution of abnormally slow processes
  • Formal processes to ensure early response to alerts including timely rolling re-starts to avoid bringing down entire systems


Benefits with Bacelor’s proactive monitoring services include:

  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Minimized interruptions with a reliable environment
  • Noticeable improvements in application performance
  • Reducing business operations risk
  • Support after completion of projects

Client Success

Learn how a large US enterprise storage and data management company achieved success with performance monitoring services from Bacelor. Close

Solutions & Services

Bachelor solution addresses strategies, re-engineering processes, application development and integration, portfolio rationalization and legacy modernization. Our 3P model places the focus on “People, Product and Processes,” allowing our customers to embrace and adopt new technologies.

Our services include:

Application Development Services
Bachelor application development Services help software companies and business enterprises with development, integration and the alignment of applications across a varied technology and user landscape.

Application Maintenance Services
Using Agile methodologies, maintain your applications with faster software upgrades, fewer resources, reduced cycle times and low defect rates.

Application Management Assessment
Utilizing industry best practices, Bachelor provides a roadmap for optimization of the support solution.

Application Management Services (AMS)AMS is a user-oriented, SLA-driven, and monitoring-based model focused on identifying and eliminating issues before users report them.

Application Management Services (AMS)
AMS is a user-oriented, SLA-driven, and monitoring-based model focused on identifying and eliminating issues before users report them..

Application Support Services
Clients receive L1-L3 application support, 24×7, using a multi-tiered ITIL-based support model, typically delivering 15-minute response and 4-hour resolution of priority 1 critical incidents

Proactive Monitoring Services
Around the clock monitoring, smoke testing, performance and system alerts, in addition to formal processes and early response to alerts.

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